Over the Hurdle

Identifying and Overcoming Your Fears

What’s scarier than starting a business, speaking your mind, or stepping into the unknown? Not doing those things because you’re too afraid to. Choosing to be brave and just “do the thing” despite your fear takes courage, fortitude, and grit — and we know you’ve got it in you to muster those up and leap over that hurdle. We’ll even help you pinpoint what exactly that hurdle is and how to overcome it.

Imagine yourself taking the risk. 

Write out the details of the risk you want to take.

Think about the process. When does your fight-flight-freeze response kick in?

Identify what is holding you back.

Recognize your skill or knowledge gaps. How can you build the confidence you need to overcome this fear?

Create a list of the skills and knowledge you need to master this moment.

You don't have to go at it alone. Who has successfully accomplished something like this? Is it possible to get on their calendar and ask about their journey?

Write out who you will contact and what you can pull from their story for inspiration and direction.

Now it's time to take action. Whether you are enrolling in a course or scheduling lunch with someone you admire, write out the initial steps you will take to get this show on the road.

What steps will turn your vision into reality?